Who We Are – Why Cape Cod?

Hello, my name is Joseph, I am 28 years old and I am an architect. I like sightseeing and learning history of other cultures. I have a girlfriend who is named Michelle, also an architect, and we are in a relationship for almost 7 years.

The First Experience

Our anniversary was two weeks away, and I had no idea of what to give her as a gift. And while talking to my friend, he told me about Cape Cod and how it’s a cool place to visit. I looked it up and immediately liked the place because it was full of amazing beaches and it had a long history for me to explore. So I said why not. I booked us a flight and made online reservations without telling her.  

I only let her know that she had to reschedule everything for our anniversary. A day before our flight, I just told her to pack her bags because tomorrow we are leaving for Cape Cod. Cape Cod is a place with lots of beaches, bike trails, tours and other beautiful stuff.

The return

The place literally dazzled us with its beauty. We aren’t the type of people who go to the same place over and over again. But this place was something different, it had this amazing atmosphere and was rich with history, which I enjoy a lot. Also, it was a place where you can do different things every day which we both liked. 

The result? We came back to Cape Cod only a month later on a vacation. And let me tell you, it was even better than the first time because now we knew where to go and where not to go. 

From that point on…

From that point on, we started to go there 3-4 times a year. Now we actually feel like locals. We have our favorite restaurants and bars. But every time we go there, we try to find other interesting places to go to. 

There, you can go on fishing trips, whale watching, surf, cycle on the beautiful trails, I mean, you can do everything there. But the most interesting things for me were the tours of some historical towns.

The trick for visiting the same place over and over again is that you have to rent different accommodation every time. Because the same stuff can be a little boring. 

We went to most of the beaches you can find there, but yet, there are still some that are left unexplored. I even started fishing because of that place. Gosh, the tours we have been on. I even went on shark fishing tours, imagine me, an architect fishing for sharks. Amazing, don't you think?

Try learning from our experience, and trust me on my word, Cape Cod is a place you have to visit. Go there once, and you will be hooked up forever. You’ll see, it’s like love at first sight.

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