Cape Cod is a great place to come to so you can relax a little bit on the sun, and don’t forget to bring your camera so you can catch all of the beauty that lies there. If you choose to come in June, you will see a lot of pink roses, but if you come in the spring roadsides are going to give you a welcome. Now, let us make a list of places to visit in Cape Cod.

Cape Cod National Seashore

The whole east coast of Cape Cod, about 40 miles of shores is designated as a Cape Cod National Seashore, and it hasn’t been changed for decades. Its miles of attractive trails, bird nesting places, marvelous beaches and beautiful woodlands attract thousands of tourists for the whole year, but especially in the summer. This is one of the top

Cape Cod tourist attractions. 

If you want some more info about this place, you can obtain it at the Provincetown Visitor Centers and Salt Pond.


The town of Nantucket is founded in 1659 by colonists and is the main village of Nantucket. This is an island that is 15 miles long and it is located 30 miles south of the Cape Cod. The missionaries of Quaker settled this place in the 18th century and from 1741 to 1831, this has been the center of the whaling industry and it held more than hundred ships used for whaling.

Today, this is a very popular tourist destination, especially over the summer. People like visiting its beautiful beaches and it also has some amazing cycling trails. It also has some historic attractions as well as the captains mansion.

In April, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful daffodils that the locals have been planting for several decades. Don’t bother yourself by bringing a car here, the hotels will meet the ferry, and then you can simply rent a bike or even walk to the attractions. Among these attractions, you can even see sites that are related to the first professional astronomer Maria Mitchell like her home, the observatory and a beautiful aquarium of the local underwater life.

Here you can also visit the Nantucket Life Saving Museum that holds collections of artifacts and also see the Hinchman House Natural History Museum in which are concentrated the fauna and flora with wildflower, bird and marine ecology walks.

Be sure to visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum and the Nantucket Historical Association.

This is one of the best places to visit in Cape Cod.


This place is best known for the development of music scene and art. This is the settlement where the Pilgrims landed in the Mayflower, before continuing to discover Plymouth. Provincetown is a popular tourist attraction, and it has some of the most beautiful beaches. It also has miles of cycling and walking trails, the possibility of kayaking and excursions on boats.

Visit the Provincetown Heritage Museum to discover the history of this town as one of the largest fishing and whaling port. In this museum, you can also see a 66 foot model of a Grand Banks racing yacht and schooner. This museum also has paintings by Pollock and Hoffman. 

There is another museum that is located at the base of the Pilgrim Monument which is the tallest structure made of granite in the United States, and it shows more of the town’s history by displaying marine artifacts, whaling equipment, and ship models. And if you want an amazing view, just climb to the top.

Martha’s Vineyard

This island is located only 5 miles to the south of Cape Cod, and you can get here by ferry or a car. The Vineyard is a little bit more laid back than Nantucket and it has 6 small towns, each of them which is special in their own way.

This island also has beautiful beaches, and it also has a casual, relaxed air despite the art galleries, trendy boutiques, and high-end antiques.

Be sure to visit Oak Bluffs which was at first a Methodist church meeting place to see the pretty cottages that retain the “gingerbread” rows and are built in the 1800s.

Also, visit Edgartown which was an important center for whaling, and is the oldest European settlement on this island.

Cape Cod Whale Watching

Also, one of the places to visit on Cape Cod is a boat trip where you can see whales and other sea creatures. There are different tours that depart from various harbors. The most tours start from MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown and end in the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary. Professional naturalists are present on the boats so they can help you observe minke, humpback, finback whales while on tours which last up to 2-2.5 hours. 

Other tours like the one from Chatham take you to see seals in their natural habitats, as well to experience the beautiful view of Chatham’s famous picturesque harbor and beaches. There is also a tour from Harwich Port on which you can enter a high-speed catamaran for an interesting narrated cruise around the amazing island of Monomoy. Because of the large variety of trips, be sure to always ask what the theme for that trip is.

Chatham and the Atwood House

Chatham is one of the most charming beach towns on Cape Cod, and it has summer band concerts, amazing beaches, a lighthouse, scenic white sand beach, gracious air and it even possesses its own baseball team. If you want to experience the old Cape Cod, then all you have to do is to get aboard the Atwood House tour that was built in 1752 and belonged to the same family until 1926.

The beauty of this house is that it is furnished with beautiful collections of the 1700s and 1800s like tools, china, glassware, paintings, and furniture.


There are plenty of amazing things to see in Cape Cod, you just have to find the ones that suit you the most. Cape Cod is the right place for you to go and rest a while from work and from all the crowded cities, a place where you can enjoy spectacular scenery and even learn some history because this place is rich with it.

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